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Hotsy Breakthrough! Detergent

Hotsy Breakthrough! Detergent

  Breakthrough! by Hotsy is a highly concentrated general cleaning detergent and degreaser that easily powers through caked-on dirt, oils, and even...

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Hotsy Pump Oil - 10W 40

PUMP OIL, HOTSY 10W 40, QT. - 8.923-422.0

Thermostat - 2 Meter Capillary - 120C/240F

THERMOSTAT, 120C/240F, 2 METER CAPILLARY 8.750-095.0

Hotsy Hose 3/8" 100 Foot

HOSE, 3/8X100', 2W, TF, HOTSY, SW X SW 8.925-230.0

Complete U-Seal Packing Kit - 20mm

Kit, Complete U-Seal Packing, 20mm 8.725-408.0

Single Wand 36" - Insulated with Side Grip

Wand, Single, 36", Insulated W/side Grip 8.725-389.0

Unloader - HM DX Unset - 921462

UNLOADER, HM DX UNSET (921462) 8.715-502.0

Variable Fan Nozzle #4.0

NOZZLE, VARIABLE FAN, # 4.0 (799101) 8.712-401.0

Nozzle - SAQCMEG 1505.5

NOZZLE, SAQCMEG 1505.5, YELLOW 8.712-358.0

Hotsy Thermostat - 2 Meter Capillary

THERMOSTAT, 2METER LG CAP,HOTSY (955940) 8.712-195.0

Fuel Nozzle 1.75 x 90 Degree - A

FUEL NOZZLE 1.75 x 90DEG A HOL 8.700-970.0

14" Diesel Cap with Fuel Gauge - Black

CAP, 14" W/FUEL GAUGE, DIESEL, BLACK 9.803-535.0

12V Relay

RELAY, 12V 9.802-470.0

Rupture Disc Assembly - 7000

RUPTURE DISC ASSY, 7000# 9.802-192.0

Hotsy Transport Detergent

Hotsy Transport Detergent

  Transport by Hotsy is an economical liquid detergent specifically designed for pressure washer cleaning of transport vehicles. It safely cleans s...

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Hotsy Salt Lick Detergent

Hotsy Salt Lick Detergent

  Salt Lick by Hotsy is a combination winter detergent that removes damaging salt residue and heavy soils from vehicles and equipment. Salt Lick de...

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Hotsy Blue Thunder Detergent

Hotsy Blue Thunder Detergent

  Blue Thunder by Hotsy is a cost effective biodegradable vehicle detergent that removes exhaust deposits, road film, and bug residue with ease. Bl...

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