Hotsy Blue Thunder Detergent


Blue Thunder by Hotsy is a cost effective biodegradable vehicle detergent that removes exhaust deposits, road film, and bug residue with ease. Blue Thunder is an excellent detergent for older vehicles and vehicles with faded finishes, as it helps to restore painted surfaces by removing surface oxidization.

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Blue Thunder detergent is excellent in cold water pressure washing, as is a great safe choice for cleaning homes, farm machinery, and wooden decks.


  • Biodegradable
  • Cashmere Scent
  • CFIA & Kosher Approved
  • Low Foaming Action
  • Blue Coloured
  • 12.46 pH
  • Dilution Ratio of 100:1 to 120:1

Recommended Uses:

Farm Machinery Floors / Walls
Restaurants Exhaust Trails
Log Cabins / Houses Diesel Smoke
Decks / Fences / Siding Aluminum
Road Film Grease / Oils
Stainless Steel General Cleaning

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