Hotsy 1400 Series

Hotsy's 1400 Series stationary model is a powerful electric powered washer packed with features, the most impressive being the programmable smart control automation for auto start/stop and time delay shutdown can be set to meet your individual needs. The core components of the 1400 Series washer are protected beneath removable panels, which help protect from overspray and dust. Side panels are easily removed for access for service and maintenance.

    • LP-Fired or N.G fired
    • 4 - 5 GPM
    • 3000 PSI
    • 7.5 - 10 HP
    • 208V/1PH, 230V/1PH, 208V/3PH, 230V/3PH, 460V/3PH
    • Belt-Drive Hotsy® Triplex Pump
    • Smart Relay Control System
    • Many options to make industrial cleaning faster and easier!
    • 50 feet of hose 

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