Why Use Hotsy Detergent?

Why Use Hotsy Detergent?

Hotsy cleaning detergents are specially formulated by our highly experienced team of chemists to out-perform the competition. All our detergent is designed to be used in Hotsy cleaning equipment and pressure washers for maximum cleaning efficiency. No matter the industry or application, Hotsy has a detergent made specifically for your cleaning job, allowing you to get it done faster and with less effort.

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The Most Effective Detergents

Hotsy detergents are specifically designed for high-pressure and high-temperature cleaning, unlike other bargain detergents. Hotsy detergents are engineered so that as temperature increases, so does the effectiveness of the detergent, whereas inferior detergents will simply decompose under high-heat and pressure.

Super Concentrated Detergent

Hotsy detergents are designed to be super concentrated, with blend ratios up to 128 parts of water to 1 part of detergent. With our super concentrated formulas, Hotsy detergents outlast all others, keeping your overall operating costs lower, and making your cleaning more efficient.

Hotsy Continuous Clean Additives

Most of our Hotsy detergents contain our exclusive formula of 'Hotsy Continuous Clean Additives" (HCC), which have been formulated to prevent lime and soap build-up in your equipment. They also contain corrosion inhibitors that protect the internal parts of your equipment, as well as safely protecting metal surfaces you wash.

Environmentally Friendly Formula

Hotsy detergents are safe for personnel, your equipment, and for the environment. All our detergents are biodegradable and many are USDA & CFIA approved. OSHA Material Safety Data sheets are available for all our Hotsy detergents.

Industry Leading Support

The Ontario Hotsy team are cleaning-system experts that know exactly what you and your equipment needs to accomplish your cleaning goals. From recommendations on detergents to use to tips and tricks when using Hotsy products, Ontario Hotsy is committed to giving you superior cleaning results.