Hotsy Breakthrough! Detergent


Breakthrough! by Hotsy is a highly concentrated general cleaning detergent and degreaser that easily powers through caked-on dirt, oils, and even fifth-wheel grease, while being gentle on fine finishes of trucks and cars. Breakthrough! detergent is also used to restore oxidized paint surfaces easily & gently.  

Need More Cleaning Power?
Order A 55 Gallon Drum

With a highly concentrated dilution ratio of 150 to 1, Breakthrough! detergent by Hotsy is one of the best general detergents on the market for pressure washers. With a high foaming action, it scrubs away oxidized paint blemishes and debris safely and with ease.


  • Biodegradable & Chemtrec Registered
  • Canadian Agriculture, USDA, & Kosher Approved
  • Safe for use with Hard or Soft water
  • Can be used with Hot or Cold water
  • High Foaming Action
  • Reddish/Orange Coloured
  • 11.8 to 12.0 pH at 5% Solution
  • Will not damage pressure washers, steam cleaners, or related products

Recommended Uses:

Vehicles & Trucks Painted & Unpainted Surfaces
Drilling Rigs Degreasing
Farm Equipment Asphalt & Tar
Food Industry Baked-on Carbon
Construction Grease & Oil
Equipment Road Film
Stainless Steel Diesel Smoke
Oxidized Paint Floors & Walls

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